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Important Note:

Yeshua is Lord and true Hebrew name of the Messiah.

The Hebrew name Yeshua ( ישוע‎) 

was transliterated to the Greek spelling Iesous (Ἰησοῦς), 

then to the Latin Iesus and then to the English spelling Jesus.

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Jesus Agape Main Message

God wants to bless you and your family. God is good and he is Love. God demonstrated his agape divine love for all who believe, through the sacrifice of his only begotten son Jesus Christ. We should never forget and stop proclaiming this truth, because if God gave his Only begotten son Jesus Christ for all people, then what will God not give to all who ask and believe in Him.  It is by this promise that we can receive all his riches and blessings in health, wealth, peace and agape love.


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