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Inspiring Audiences As Keynote Speaker

Minister Dr. Jose Mier

Igniting a passion for personal growth and success in businesses, churches, and organizations.

Through collaborations my goal is to Ignite Your Community’s Potential and Unleash Their Personal Success In Spirit, Soul and Body.
Are you seeking to empower your business, organization, or church with a message that goes beyond traditional success?

Do you crave a message that ignites passion, fosters growth, and cultivates a deeper connection – all grounded in the transformative power of words in faith and action?

Look no further! I share powerful factual and true captivating presentations with a deep wellspring of knowledge and story telling. My passion as a minister and keynote speaker is to ignite your community’s potential and propel them towards a future filled with prosperity in all aspects of their lives in spirit, soul and body for Your Next Event?

As a minister, author, entrepreneur, and leader with a thriving new YouTube channel with over 33,000 subscribers. I understand the challenges and the needed mindsets faced in the modern world to offer practical solutions rooted in faith and wisdom.

Whether you’re a business seeking to:

  • Boost Employee Engagement and Productivity
  • Cultivate a Culture of Growth and Collaboration
  • Empower Individuals to Reach Their Full Potential

Imagine the impact on your community:

  • A More Engaged Workforce
  • Stronger Business Relationships
  • Increased motivation, productivity, and a culture of collaboration


Or a church or organization desiring to:

  • Strengthen Relationships and Build a Thriving Community
  • Deepen Faith and Foster Spiritual Growth
  • Discover Biblical Principles for Personal and Organizational Success

The impact would be:

  • Enhanced Organizational & Personal Growth
  • Discover how faith-driven principles can lead to strategic decision-making,
  • sustainable success within your organization
  • Empowered individuals reaching their full potential.

Expertise & Experience

My commitment to lifelong learning fuels my passion for speaking. This dedication led me to complete a certified course of study for Christian theology at Harvard University, providing a strong academic foundation for my teachings. Additionally, I hold a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management from the University of Phoenix, alongside a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology and certifications in AI Marketing and WCM Ministry. This diverse educational background allows me to connect with audiences from various disciplines and fields of study, ensuring my message is inspiring, relevant and engaging.

Transformative Impact

My pastoral experience as founder and Minister of Jesus Agape Ministries has equipped me with invaluable insights into spiritual leadership, community building, and faith-based growth. I’m also the author of two impactful books, available in both English and Spanish, that explore the importance of strong families, healthy relationships, and marriages built on a foundation of faith and moral principles. Furthermore, I’ve established a comprehensive online platform that provides learning resources, counseling services, and tools to help people achieve their goals and personal empowerment.

Empower Your Audience

Here’s some of what you can expect from a keynote presentation

  • Fresh Perspectives: Gain new insights and thought-provoking approaches to overcoming challenges and achieving personal growth.
  • Practical Tools: Leave equipped with actionable strategies and techniques to implement the key takeaways from the presentation.
  • Faith-Based Inspiration (if applicable): Discover how faith can be a powerful tool for navigating life’s obstacles and achieving success.
  • Memorable Storytelling: Be captivated by my ability to weave powerful stories that illustrate my message and leave a lasting impression.

A Foundation for Lasting Prosperity

Let us collaborate and unleash a holistic prosperity that extends beyond the material, fostering spiritual growth, emotional well-being, and a sense of purpose within your community.
Invest in the future of your community!


Contact us today to discuss your need for a keynote speaker on your next event. I’ll specifically tailor a message to meet your specific needs, ensuring a powerful, inspiring and transformative experience for your audience.

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Let’s work together to cultivate a future filled with faith, success, and lasting prosperity.


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Let’s spread the message of hope and empower others to achieve their full potential in all aspects of life and in faith.

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